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Your music makes me want to dance all night".
Laura G.

"You guys are the essence of the Fifties experience". "You should be in Las Vegas so more people could enjoy the  vintage sounds of the best music ever recorded".  "Your band IS the Fifties". 
Stan H

Just wanted to say how much I appreciated your great work on Sunday!  You guys REALLY sound tight and have mastered the 50s/60s style, musical texture and instrumentation/vocal arrangements.  I was really impressed.
Tom G.

I am getting good feedback from attendees at the Wednesday luncheon that your music really hit the spot. It was at the right  sound level, had dancers as well and reminded people of the good old days. Tell the band it was really appreciated and hope you all had a good time as well.
Thanks again,
Barry S.

I AM SO IMPRESSED!!!  Betty let me listen to your music and I was standing there with my mouth open.  I LOVE IT!!!  You sound great. I am so very impressed.  I have lots of friends who are in bands, or musically inclined anyway and it's awesome to know people with such talent.  I just love it!
Terrie R.

You and your band are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!  What fun!!!! Thanks for everything and I am soooooooo happy that I got to hear you all play!   Quit your day job and go for all of those gigs!  Seriously!

What a great band.  I know you used to play at the Pleasanton Friday night concerts in the park.  Will your band be playing there this summer?  If so, do you know the date(s)?
Darlene L.

Great show!!  Couldn't help singing along.  The whole group was fantastic, but Mr. Holly was the highlight of the whole talent show. Rave on, Buddy.
Jeff T.

Thank you for debuting "The Magic Moments" at the talent show yesterday.   I thought you were marvelous. :) Hope we get to hear you guys play again sometime.

Just wanted to let you know what a tremendous  performance you gave yesterday!  It was soooooo much fun.  You guys are really, really good!!  Hope you can do this again next year!!!
Linda :)

First, I wanted to say you were WONDERFUL!!!  You guys sounded so authentic, it was like I was listening to Roy, Elvis, and Buddy.  Are you guys performing for parties or looking for acts?  If so, how much do you charge?  I'm trying to get some thoughts together for a party I want to throw.  Please let your band know how much we appreciated them.  Thanks again, it was a real treat!! 
Melissa B.

Thanks for the great show.  It was so realistic that on our walk back we were remembering how old we were when Bill Haley & Rock Around The Clock came out (young, but still remember it). Please let me know when you do a public gig sometime.  I know Cindy would enjoy hearing you guys too.  I know I would like to hear MORE. 

Great performance!  I really enjoyed the Buddy Holly tunes.  Let me know of any future dates and times of upcoming gigs. 

I think your band was awesome! Let me know when and where you will be playing. 
Kathy M.

Your band today was FABULOUS!  I thoroughly enjoyed every song you all performed. As soon as I got back I emailed a message to a dear friend of my son, who has his own business and does the entertainment and video work at weddings and all sorts of parties. 
Kudos to each of you for providing such a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon!  This year's show was exceptional!

Thank you for taking the time to share your talents and thank you for bringing a smile to so many faces!

Caught your band at the talent show.  Wanted to let you know that you guys were terrific.

David & Those Magic Moments"
You just received an "A" in my book.  Good ole sync with the original sounds. Look out Lake Tahoe...Reno...Las Vegas!!!!!!
Mel L.