Rick  Zuniga "Roy"

Rick was trained as a woodwinds player on Clarinet and Bassoon. He is a singer and has performed from the time he was in the 2nd grade. He started playing bass guitar while a freshman at Mt Eden High School in Hayward. Several of his friends formed a little combo, and were fortunate enough to get a little job playing at the Navel Air Station in Alameda at the Enlisted Men’s Club. They played there for over two years, every Friday and Saturday night as, The Chessman. Yes, they were all still in high school, and had to get special permission, and with restrictions on where they could walk, when not playing.

Many of the members went in the service or away to school, so they disbanded in 1967. After, active reserves, Rick returned home and caught on with a local lounge band called the Escorts. Rick figures that he played for over 350 weddings in the area while playing for over 23 years with the Chessmen, The New Chessmen, The Escorts, and The Corporation.

His favorite all time artist is Roy Orbison. Roy’s writings like; Blue Angel, Pretty Woman, Blue Bayou, In Dreams, Comedian, Obbie Dobbie, and Sweet Dreams, and with a wide vocal range and longevity, are unparallel in the music industry. Rick has stretched his vocal range by singing tenor in choirs for the last twenty–eight years, so to closely match Roy’s operatic 3-½-octave range. Rick has written several patriotic papers, appeared in several movies, television shows, and performed in local theatre productions. Currently writing music of the 60-80-‘s.

A vocal major at Chabot College, he earned an AA degree in music. He then finished his BA degree in Communications at Sacramento State University. He has been singing in church choirs for over forty-four years. He enjoys many hobbies, when time permits. He can’t wait to start singing the newly added songs from the 70'S-80's.

Rick is in sales by day, married to his wife of 40+years, and enjoys his 3 great sons, and 2 grand daughters.